‘Game of Thrones’: Maisie Williams, a Arya, speaks about his low self-esteem


The actress says that it’s going to take a break from the screens, it has suffered a lot over the years, in which he recorded a series of

Actress Maisie Williams, who lives in the character of Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones”, said that he fought against low self-esteem, and the autoaversão for years, ever since I first began writing the series in 2011.

She told me that part of that feeling was caused by the people that it is the “now” of social media. According to the actress ‘ 22-year-old’s comments were detrimental to his psyche, but she just couldn’t stop reading it, because the more negative they were. “It’s something that I’m really, really trying to get rid of at the moment,” she said in an interview in the podcast, british, Happy Place. “I’ve spent a long time in my life where I said to myself, every single day, I hated it,” he said.

Maisie says that the pressure has gotten to the point that he is talking with his friends, and his mind was thinking about all the stupid things I said to you in your life.”
“When I started to dig deeper and find out why I said those things to you, in fact, it had nothing to do with me,” he said. For her, a lot of these questõs are attached to the things of the past. “When you begin to dig deeper and ask questions that are larger than ‘I hate myself’ or ‘why do you feel that way’, you can see that the answers really are inside of you,” he reflected.

The actress says that there was a time when it was really, really sad, and then got better. Right now, he said, “it is terrifying to think back to that feeling, and it’s something they’re working on it. So much so that she went to take a break from the screens to “live a normal life with the people you love from around the world.

His fellow cast members Jack Gleeson, the king Joffrey Baratheon, had made this decision, and stated that, after the death of her character in the first season, he would devote himself to the study and living away from the screen.