Halle Berry reveals his worst film, and it isn’t Cat Woman

To participate in the programme, James Corden, Halle Berry has revealed what is the worst movie she’s ever made, and it is not Cat Woman.

When asked which movie she thought it would be bad, as I did, ” she replied.

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“I’m sorry for all of you who worked on this film. I kind of knew that the film I made, called the Spiral of Greed, it would not be [bom]… I’m sorry, Amy, who He is. She has been a director,” said Berry.

“I’m not trying to end up with my key, but it she knew that it wouldn’t be the best movie experience for people,” she said on the show.

Today, the Berry, the star of John Wick, The 3: Parabellum, which is now on display at the movie theaters in brazil.

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