Halsey says he will never again give an interview for the sake of a joke

The american singer Halsey (PHOTO: Playback)

Halsey posted a picture on his profile of Instagram this Friday, February 28th, with the following title: “Put on the record that I’ll never do another interview with you, because no one can read it as a joke”, let go of it.

Halsey has always been an artist who was never afraid to express how they feel: she just mentioned to me that none of what they think you want to be her friend, she will always be associated with the drama. The reason for this is that it believes in its authenticity to be open and talk about what you think, have you ever harmed, or even to divert the attention to your art. “Sometimes when you’re in the center of the ‘I have something to tell you, you start to lose control. People don’t want to hear it” and shot Halsey in the Media.

Fans of the singer, don’t know if that was a joke, some people prefer to believe that she is being ironic about the fact that no one is capable of understanding certain kinds of jokes. After all, it is difficult for an artist, with a great number of fans to refrain from granting further interviews. We hope that she will return back and reveal to fans that it was a joke.

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