In addition to Kim Kardashian’s: the famous reveal that the fight against lupus News


Kim Kardashian is currently with systemic lupus. The advantage she had heard of the diseasewhen it was broadcast during the premiere of the new season of the reality tv show Keepin’ Up With The Kardashiansthat she is a star on the side of the family.

The diagnosis has put Kim on the side of the other celebrities who also revealed the fight against the disease, which is inflammatory and auto-immune and no cure, such as singers Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez.

Gaga is assumed to have lupus in 2010, but it is at a stage light, with no symptoms at all. “Lupus is genetic in my family. My mother told me that my friends were worried about me, because I take for lupus. I have been diagnosed as having the disease, but I don’t have any sign or symptom. In any case, I have to take very good care of myself,” she said, in that year, in an interview with Larry King.

‘ve Better figured out on the condition that I had when I was 21 years old, just after the end of the novel, the troubled Justin Bieber. At that time, the young man had to have chemotherapy and has cancelled concerts to take care of it.

Tony Braxton and Cori B, daughter of Snoop Dogg, there are other international celebrities who have reported the same problem. Astrid Fontenelle is one of the brazilian on the list, which also features the singer Tiê. The tv presenter was diagnosed with it in 2012, and at that time referred to the disease as it is a “struggle”.

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“I’m in for a fight. It’s hard, but I’ll tell you one thing: I’m going to win this! It is very difficult for the administration is heavy-handed, physically it’s very tough. But the faith and the love that I feel for my son, and the power that I have received to the people around me are going to help you,” said Astrid.

But, after all, what is lupus? Find out all about the condition of the following: