Intrinsic launches Malorie, the sequence of the book, the Bird Box,, in July,

Box for the Birds, the book that inspired the film The Bird Box the Netflixwill be following, Malorielaunched in July by the The intrinsic. The story of the Josh Malerman if you will be 12 years after the events of the original volume, and it will show you a world in which the monsters that can not be seen in follow-up to let loose on the world.

According to the synopsis, the officer, Malorie, the character played by Sandra Bullock in the long, receives the shocking news that people who he believed to be dead may actually be alive. With the evolution of the monsters, the character will have to choose between whether to stay true to the rules that helped them to survive, or to risk it in the pursuit of the hope of a new life.

Check out the cover art for the brazilian edition of the Malorie below:

The brazilian version of the Malorie will have 288 pages. The physical edition of the book will cost you R$ 39,90while the e-book will come out by the S$ 24,90.