Katy-Perry-and Released Under the X will be at the festival, and online from the Shein


The Shein announced the festival of music in the interests of the revenue, to assist entities active in the fight against the COVID-19. This festival, called the SHEIN Together it will have shows for artists such as Katy Perry and Released Under the X, and it offers a special piece for the festival, which will take its values are transformed into a donation to the world health organization.

The Shein confirmed on the 9th of may, from 17 hours (eastern time), the SHEIN Together ‘ will bring together music and fashion, and in the presence of the headlining Katy-Perry-and Released Under the X, in addition to the participation of Rita Ora, policymakers, and the stars of the Tik Tok. All of this, you may want to be accompanied, free of charge, through the application of Shein, which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

Shein Let-Katy-Perry-Released In X,

Through the app, it will be possible to make a cash donation in support of the Solidarity Fund in the fight against COVID-19, the World Health Organization. The store itself has donated$ 100 thousand to the bottom and you have created a collection of t-shirts that are special to the SHEIN Together, they can be purchased in the store, and it will help you in the storage room.

Remember that the SHEIN Together will happen on the day The 9th of mayfrom the 17 hours and it should have a duration of 4 hours.