Kim Kardashian charms the followers, with a photo of your caula, Ps-West


Kim Kardashian revealed to the world in the face of a child(photo by: Chris Delmas/Releases
Kim Kardashian revealed to the world in the face of a child (photo by: Chris Delmas/Divulgao)

Kim Kardashian did it for the joy of the fs on Monday (10/6), aniversrio, a ms, and of the son caula. The socialite posted it on Instagram and Twitter the second picture of the Psalm and the West. In it, the baby appears asleep and a d ot to speculate on who the cl-Kardashian-West does it look like more.

Earlier, on the 24th of may, in the empresria j was unveiled to the world on the face of the newly born Instagram. The curiosity of the fs took place on issue concerns: they questioned Kim on why she had so many blankets on a cot may be provided. In addition to this, the children had to face up to a superfcie ever.

The followers brought it to the attention of the situated, could result in death, sbita child and they have also advised that a new member of the family should sleep in the superfcie lisa with a few things. The star of the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians in the judgment, but deleted the picture.

The name of the baby was revealed to the world on the 17th of may, a week after the birth. The meaning is very special: Psalm means “psalm” in france. The origin of the word is in Hebrew and it carries the aura bblica, and the spiritual life.

The family is known for giving different names to the heredeiros. In addition to the caula, Kim and rapper Kanye West, so the parents in the North, to the Saint, and the Chicago area. As well as in the irmo, a small Chi also has been raised by surrogate motherhood.