Kim Kardashian confirms that they are going to have another baby and reveal the sex!!)


Kim Kardashian it was one of the guests of the program “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and said that she and Kanye West we are waiting for the fourth child. The advantage also revealed will be a baby boy to arrive very soon. The couple will appeal against the belly of the rental, as well as the baby Chicago I was born in January 2018 at the latest.

The tv presenter asked him: “You’re thinking about having another baby?” to which Kim replied: “Yes, yes, we are. Andy Cohen the question for a while, and Kim says: “coming soon”. After that the presenter asks him if it is a boy or a girl, Kim says that it is a boy, and says: “The news is already out there… I Got drunk at the Christmas party, and I told a few people, and now I can’t remember who I told, because I don’t get drunk!”

Here’s the moment of revelation in the video?!?!