Kylie Jenner, enlisted the help of Kanye West to find a new boyfriend


Thetoday the single, after the end of the relationship, with Travis, Scott, Kylie Effects looking for a new love, and, as noted, the manager will request the help of the brother-in-law, He The West.

“It is very difficult for the Case to get to know someone… don’t give up by going to bars or nightclubs, and because she is surrounded by security guards and no one was able to approach it,” said a source to the newspaper despite theânico The Sun.

“It’s hard for her to get to know someone, of course,” it reflects to the same source.

“It has no application to the He for you to meet. She met Him, through him, and the Tyga, in the past,” he said.

The contact also says that the Case relies on the He and admire your strong marriage, that this has with her sister, Kim O.

Remember that Kylie and Him were separated at the October 2019. In common, they have a daughter, and a small Stormitwo-year-old.

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