Lady Gaga: “I’ve Never felt I was beautiful” | Celebrity


You are among the one hundred most influential women by the american The team and then, at the beginning of the year, and had, probably, one of the most beautiful moments in the presentation of the Award, to interpret them, with Bradley Cooper, the subject of Shallowthe winner of the golden globe Award for best original song. Still, the star admitted: “I’ve never felt beautiful, and I still have days when I feel pretty.”

A long-standing production for the magazine Allure the singer/actress, opened the doors of his house and into a conversation about her line of cosmetics sold exclusively through Amazon, which describes it as the tricks, so if you feel like a super hero. “With all the worries that I’ve been dealing all my life I have been bullied when they were younger, they once in a while. So, to put on make-up, and before you know it, I am a super-heroine from the inside out. This will give me the wings to fly.

Lady Gaga announced in July the launch of a brand of make-up for yourself, the Haus Laboratories, which is available for pre-order.

Initially, the brand will have six kits with a mix of colours for eyes, lips, and cheeks. For the price of 49 dollars, which is the equivalent of 43,60€), I was commenting on the publication of a specialized Realit is the “lowest of the luxury high-end brands, but higher than a lot of the typical gift of the beauty of the Amazon”.

The author of the north american uses the interview to conclude, the experience of inclusion, which came to a head with the music Born this Way (2011), which turned out to be the name of a foundation whose mission is to “create a better world, gentle, and brave, and to support the well-being of young people.”


“I want all racial and gender identities, to know clearly what is included,” he tells the magazine, continuing with the desire to be who you are.