Pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more, in an auction for relief from COVID-19, Brad Pitt, Friends, Old

Pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more, in an auction for relief from COVID-19, Brad Pitt, Friends, Old

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The author of the news: Ana Delgado / 2020-05-27 09:29:17 pm

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A collection of star shop in Hollywood, will be auctioned on the 28th may and the winning bidders won’t get your money in for a worthy cause. A famous photographer in the editorial, Mark Seliger, best known for his covers of Rolling Stone magazines, shooting for GQ, and Vanity Fair portraits, night of the academy awards, album covers, and so much more, is selling 25 of its most iconic images to help those people who are most affected by COVID in the process. 19 of the pandemic.

The prints on offer include the the pictures of Jennifer Aniston on the age of your Friends’, Jennifer Lopez is flanked by two cheetahs savage, Jerry Seinfeld dressed up as the Tin Man in The wizard of Oz, Brad Pitt on a motorcycle, and much, much more. Facilitated, in conjunction with the INSPIRED by the Red Carpet, Advocacy, and Christie’s, the auction will be conducted entirely online, and the proceeds from the sale of each print will be available to the charity or charities chosen by the famous actor. “We thought it would be a great way to get people to have fun with it. Give it to charity, and you feel that you are getting something in return, and that is a great impression”says Seliger in the AD. It is clear that these prints are more than just beautiful photographs – many of them have stories and behind-the-scenes color that has become part of the folklore of Hollywood at the moment, and Seliger will feature a series of videos that we are creating in honor of the auction.

An example of this is the story of the Seliger and the band Nirvana. When you write to them for her first cover of Rolling Stone in 1992 “I mentioned it to Krist [Novoselic] and to Dave, ” I said, ‘oh, You can use what you want, but you can ask Her [Cobain] it does not use any of the writing on the t-shirt out of it? And they said: “yes, yes, of course”says the photographer, is a veteran. Here is what the late singer, has appeared at the session wearing a white t-shirt with letters, hand-written saying The “corporate magazines still suck”. “I was shot”says Seliger. “Fast-forward to the reaction to the Rolling Stone magazine – they were delighted. They gave the show the way it was. It said more about the band [do que qualquer outra coisa poderia]. And then I photographed them to In the Uterus, and He was not able to”. they were most accommodating. “This is an image for the next photo shoot, which is in the auction at the now-iconic photo shows the cover of smells like teen spirit, between the heads of the dolls, and it was taken a few months before his tragic death in April 1994.

In 1993, Seliger has been in the Compton, Los Angeles for the shooting of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the set of a music video. He was told that he would be in a minimum amount of time, with all the features of the environment. “It was very late at night, and I’ve only had a few minutes with themsays the photographer. “So I called the publicist and said, ‘I’m really worried of not being able to take a picture of them. It’s getting pretty late.”. He said: “Don’t worry about it. They aren’t going anywhere. P is on house arrest”. And if you look at it, you can see an ankle bracelet on him. “This photo will also be on sale.

With many stories like this, Seliger, is a kind of an historian of Hollywood, but ever since the pandemic, he has turned his lens on to the empty streets of the city of New York to produce a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. “On the first or on the second day of the world in which we might be here for a while, I began to wander around”are, ” he says. “I’m still shooting almost every day, I would say … I’m just trying to capture as much information as you can during this period of time.” He is sharing what he saw on the streets of the city on her Instagram, with the hashtag # TheCityThatFinallySleeps, which reflects his vision of hope for the future of the Big Apple: “There is so much fear being fed all the time by media sources and politicians. We don’t have any reference for what’s going to happen to you, but New York city is going to be just fine. New York city has always been good. This is the message that I wanted to capture in these photos. There is a strength here. If anything, it just needed a little rest.

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