Rolling Stone·, Superman, or Iron Man? Who would win in a fight?

Stephen Byrne was proposed to the question, from an illustration in the comic book, see

Fans of comic books love to imagine the battles that otherwise would be unlikely to relate to the world of DC and Marvel comics. With this in mind, via a Watch Moviean illustrator has proposed to the question, who would win in a fight: The man in the Iron or Superman?

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Stephen Byrneknown for Supergêmeosused in the Twitter profile for him just to show how it would be a battle of who would be the winner from the illustration which presents the two heroes.

As the Watch Movie point, it is interesting how the incident was thought at the Robert Downey Jr. the design of the hero Marvel comics. In the first instance, Tony Stark you are trying to reach Clark Kent from an energy cannon – it’s not a success. With a punch, but Superman it destroys the The man in the Iron.

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It is not unanimous, the decision as to the winner, as always. Some fans believe that if the fight were to be thought of, Tony Stark surely he would find a way to defeat the opponent, finding a weakness in him, and is using the technology to destroy it. Others, however, think that the idea of a Byrne it’s really the logical next step.

Refer to the following illustration: