Round the back, full of the Same Old Love, but for Selena Gomez, with the voice what’s my name?


  ( Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP)

The names of the singers and Performances, the 32, and Selena Gomez, 27, appeared early morning, as one of the main topics in Twitter account. To the surprise of the users, a new version of the song The Same Old Loveknown , in the words of Gomez, has leaked on the internet.

The song, which was released by the former star of the Disney’s in the year 2015, and that makes her second studio album, called Revival, was written for her is to find out about her album Antifrom 2016 on, but it was rejected by the singer, according to the fans.

For a stretch of about 15 seconds of a demo recorded for Rihanna’s had already leaked out on the web in may of 2018, but now the full version has come to the attention of one and all.

From 2016 and does not produce any new developments in the world of music, Rihanna has revealed to her fans that her new album is ready to go, but there is still no release date confirmed for it. “I can’t see that Rihanna is in the trends, and found that it was the date of the record. I have been tapeado,” wrote one internet user on Twitter.

The Same Old Love it was a big hit on the voice, Selena Gomez. Composed by Charli XCX, Ross Golan, Benny Blanco, Mikkel S. Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen, the song came on the included in the in-game Just Dance 2016, and which was re-recorded by many different artists. In a recent interview for a video chat to Zane Lowe on Apple’s Music Service has proven to be a big fan of Rihanna, and her favorite song is Love On the Brainfrom the album Anti. “I’ve been a fan of hers since the very beginning.”

It is worth noting that the Anti was the last album released by Rihanna. The production made a very good indication for the Grammy as the Best Album in the Urban Contemporary awards, including Best Album, Soul/R&B at the American Music awards.