Sofia Richie and Scott Disick decide to break up for a while

Days after a source denied that Scott Disick and Sophia Richie have been separated, US Weekly has confirmed just the opposite is true: that is, they have decided to take a break from their relationship when the former Kourtney Kardashian decided to seek help to address his depression, personal problems and the ‘traumas of the past”.

Sofia Richie has encouraged Scott Disick to get help

Today, Disick is currently in treatment to overcome their mental health problems.

Supposedly, the sudden death of their parents a few years ago, it still picks up strong in the promise, causing it to succumb to sadness, from time to time, and consume excessive alcohol.

At the beginning of may, He entered a rehabilitation center in Colorado to work on your trauma in the past”, resulting in the death of his parents in 2013 and 2014, only three months apart from each other. His failed relationship with the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian also has a great weight in their problems.

At the time, a source said, “even Though it has not always been negative, things with which he has to constantly fight together, and they don’t disappear in the night and into the morning.”

According to the publication, it was while they were in quarantine together, ‘Sophie has noticed a change in him, and he wasn’t as happy as it seemed to be,’ and got in touch with Kourtney for advice.

Even though it is the first hospital of Scott in a rehabilitation clinic and did not work, he continues to receive treatment, and as long as it lasts it, She and Disick have decided that the best thing was to take a break from it, and go with a pro on your side.

“He and she decided to part ways in order for him to focus on improving (…) the separation is probably going to last until the Scott right,” says the insider, adding: “Scott, you are in the right place and the right now, and he’s just trying to get by, and focus on the job, but he needs to prove it to yourself.

Prior to the breakup, a source from People magazine, it was observed that, Sofia still is very supportive and you’re like, oh, the company has mastered his inner demons.

And, as Scott seeks treatment, She Together spent the most time with a group of friends, and so ran the rumor of the end of the earth. In the past few days, She stayed in a mansion in Malibu with one of his best friends, and a friend. Some of the people and made sure that the guy with whom she was to be his new boyfriend, but a source close to Richie and Scott have said that they are still together and she is supporting you in your treatment.

The insider said: “She and Scott are still together…. It was Sofia who encouraged Scott to go into rehab… it is still very much there for him during this time. Sophia, still another,” the source said. “I know that he is in a difficult situation. It is with great pride that he or she is committed to in dealing with their problems,” says the source.

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