Tati Zaqui may look low-cut, and fan-compare: “Mia Khalifa is that you?”


Tati Zaqui (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

This Saturday (2nd), the singer Tati Zaqui posted in one click on sexy in the Instagramin which came up with a look coladinho-and low-cut. The fans were not able to resist, and let out a rain of cheers.

“It’s worth seeing again.”, legendou to miss. “That is beautiful”, “Perfect too”, “Beautiful”, and “Women’s super cute” were some of the messages that she received. Some internet users even compared the artist to an ex-porn star past.

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From the audience, Tati Zaqui displays a gorgeous body, and the fans react to it: “An insult to your beauty!”

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“Mia Khalifa is the vc? Check this, and seemed to dms”, about. “Mia Khalifa’s different”.said to one another. Tati, you always post sexy photos in social networks, came out of the bathtub recently, showing off the stretch marks. “Remember, it’s not all over the room, which is located tigresas”, she said, being very praised by fans.

At a time when Zaqui told you about the singer-Dulce Maria, the inspiration for the music. “I can say that I was a big fan of Sweet Maria’s in my life…Very much a fan of. So, when you first came on to the funk music, I had this idea to draw attention to my hair in any way,” he confessed to a funkeira.

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