Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande ask fans to stay at home

On Sunday, the photos and videos of local bars, restaurants and night clubs fully booked for the rest of the week and inundated on the internet, even though public health experts to insist on social distancing in the midst of an outbreak of the coronavirus. A little later, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grandetwo of the people with the most followers on social media, begged for everyone to stay indoors as much as possible.

“Guys, I’m following you guys online, and I love you for this, I need to express my concern that things are not being taken seriously enough at the time,” he wrote Taylor Swift to 128 million viewers in a story on Instagram.

“I’m seeing a lot of meetings with friends and parties are still going on. This is the time to cancel plans and really try to isolate yourself as much as you can, and don’t assume that because you don’t feel bad, don’t you run the risk of passing something on to someone who is elderly or immune-vulnerable. It’s a very scary, but we have to make some sacrifices in the social right now.”

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, 5/1/2020 (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, 5/1/2020 (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Photo: Reuters)

Experts say that, while maintaining the social distance is not able to stop the virus, so you can give it to the The United States precious time to to to decrease the the spread. In conjunction with the president, in the schools and in the workplace, and the termination of the event, some of the larger towns and cities have begun to enforce the compulsory closing of all the bars, in addition to limiting the number of people allowed in the city.

However, some of them are not changing their travel plans as a Ariana Grande he noted: “it is a lesson of yoga or hip-hop you can wait, I promise you” tweeted to 72 million viewers, and posted a similar message to the 177 million followers on Instagram.

“I’m still hearing a surprising amount of people saying things like, “this isn’t going to be anymore’, ‘we’re going to be fine’, ‘we have to follow in our daily lives’, and this is really driving me crazy,” he said Total. “It’s incredibly dangerous and selfish to face such a situation, worry-free.”

She also responded to those who pointed out that some of the people who are forced to work during a pandemic. “Yes, of course. I’m just asking for people who have the privilege to cancel the work practice social distancing,” she wrote, making it clear that I was talking about the people who are going out to eat and go to the mall or to the movies.

In other celebs with a large following, also have endorsed the attitude of the Totalas for the actresses Debra Messing and Piper Perabo’s Hairstyleswho thanked the singer for the tweet, and added to the request with its own message. Apart from them, other stars have also spoken of the need to stay in the house.

“In the big cities, they are going to stop. It is not inevitable. Restaurants and bars will be closed. Let’s go into containment. Now, this is when you can mitigate the damage,” he wrote on Twitter, the actor Kumail Nanjiani.

And then, on Saturday, Lady Gaga he also called on the more than 40 million viewers who were in the house, “So, I talked to a few doctors and scientists. It is not easy for everyone at the moment, but that’s the thing, the most gentle and healthy, all we can do is to autoquarentena, and don’t hang out with people who are over 65 years old, and in a large group. I’d like to be able to see my parents right now, but it’s a lot safer not to do it, so don’t let them be sick, if I can get it. I’m at home with my dogs. I love all of you guys, and we’re going to get through this. Trust me on this, I talked to God He said we’re going to be fine.”


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