“What? Color of Kylie Jenner, ~make magic~ in contact with the water.


The business has a roxinho, which changes the color!

Kylie Jenner it is serious when it comes to care of your nails! It is one of those that is a sucker for having always all the ~jaws~ feitinhas that loves to innovate in colors and styles, so you diferentões. The focus of the time, it was an enamel-purple-book-per-set, and which also changes color on contact with the water. It is perfect for girls who don’t know, if you decide to, you know? Lol!

We would have shared in the transformation of the colours for the stories, and you already want to know what is a technique or a glaze that does this is ~magic~. Most likely, the water should be hot or cold and is the product of some chemical that causes a change in the tone when it comes in contact with. It’s cool, right? If you look closely, he began, in a tone of purple in good light, and it came up black!

Responsible for the creation, it was in the salon, darling of the clan Kardashian-Jenner. The habit of the sisters of nail very long nail arts is designed is so large that they even have a local expert to take care of all of the Modern Pamper Salon in the world. We have already talked about it here, remember?

Rt, what do you think of this nail Polish? I think that the librianas are going to enjoy it, ein? Lol!