With Kevin Hart’s help to use the toilet after the accident: “Helpless” – the one Who


Kevin Hart (Photo: Getty Images)

Kevin Hart (Photo: Getty Images)

Kevin Hart he talked about the challenges he has faced during his recovery from a major car accident. The disaster is less than three months, and the actress took out about need help with simple things such as going to the bathroom during the upgrade.

“The thing is that the more you become humble in the world,” says the actor, 40 years of age in the program Straight From The Hart. “I was really distracted. There was nothing I could do about it,” he recalled.

Hart still recovering from the accident, which required him to spend for an emergency surgery to fuse three of the areas of the vertebral column.

The comedian was traveling as a passenger in his own car when the vehicle veered off a road and fell into a pit on the Malibu, Calif., according to authorities. At the time of the accident, the car has been driven for a S, Blackthe 28-years-old, betrothed to Rebecca Broxterman31, a personal trainer of his wife, of Hart – Eniko Parrish35-year-old.

The actor delved into the details of the changes to the physical disaster, such as stomach pain, severe, when it was partially immobile after the surgery, in the days that followed the accident.

“To Me, blending is an event that you bastard,” he said, referring to one occasion on which it was agreed by the urgent need to go to the bathroom in the morning while I was in the hospital. “In my mind, I thought you were out of his mouth. I was trying to get out”, he recalled.