You will be shocked at the shoes of Kylie Jenner


There are those who say that the Kylie Jenner he was born in a cradle of gold, and, of course, there’s no denying now that her family has already had a lot of money when the advantage he was born, but she, too, worked hard for a living at the expense of the parents.

Last Tuesday, the 26th, the Persian cat has posted a photo that has had an impact on the internet for the perfect, but a detail caught the attention of everyone in the orange pants she was wearing. Of course, it’s the internet, don’t let anything go unnoticed, and soon he saw that the piece of clothing seemed to be a good a single, and went to look for the value.

According to the PageSixthe swimsuit cost $ 360 (Us$1.908,00), which has left many people shocked, but with the amount of shoes you have no idea. It is part of a collection of 2018 is made in partnership with brands OFF-WHITE and Chrome Hearts and it only costs 15 thousand dollars (Us$79.504,50), so that the re-sale value.

(Chrome Hearts)

If you were a billionaire, I would have the courage to spend nearly as many as 80,000 dollars on a pair of pants?