Addison Rae teach you the daily training to Kourtney Kardashian, and we’ve noted all the tips and tricks


If you haven’t done physical activity in the quarantine, it’s best to have the time to do it! We are spending so much time sitting and lying down, our mental and physical health to be damaging it slowly, and then you just lose a little bit of the technology and get moving?

On Wednesday, the 27th, the Kourtney Kardashian he had a female guest over for the special one in the channel of the Youtube your brand POOSH. The fans of a businesswoman and a socialite, know that it is your first child, Mason Disick loves to TikToker Addison Rae and they have already made up a live together… So, Kourt decided to call it the empowering, to give you a few tips, some very special.


She is the one who the digital influencer in the Twitter already he saw her talking several times about how much he likes to work out at the buttocks, and the abdomen, and so she took the opportunity to be in the personal trainer from Kourtney for a day, teach exercises to keep my butt tough, and to be at the top. We have already noted the hints because they are three of the exercises, that gives you to do it from anywhere and it takes only 6 minutes. Check it out:

Q: But there’s no denying that the best part is that the Kourt is a mistake of the exercise!