After the prayer, the pope with a crucifix and miraculous, and deaths caused by coronaviruses fall in Italy


In 1522, and during an epidemicthe Jesus, the crucified, it was understood by the populace of Rome, Italy, as a the blessing, which has helped to reduce the deaths and. On the day On march 27, this yearthe same the crucifix has been used Pope Francisthat he asked God to end the pandemic of coronavirus.

At that time, in march, the Italy was one of the hardest-hit countries. The killings only increased in the every day, loving every second in the world on the whole. It so happens that after this prayer,the the numbers of deaths have fallen considerably as well.

A a priest of the roman catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee (United states) drew the attention of the networks at the end of the week to analyze the number of people killed by the coronavirus in Italy, and to identify the day of the 27th of march as the the day that changed everything.

The prayer for Pope Francisin the Square in front of saint Peter’s, was regarded as a unique. The the feet of the Christ and the Miraclethe image of the crucified Jesus, to which the romans attributed to them in the end-of-epidemic-of-1522, in the The pope called for an end to the pandemic. In addition to this, granted the Urbi et Orbi blessing and he prayed before the image of the crucified Lord.

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Photo: Handout/The Vatican.

On his Twitter account, Fr. John LoCoco was identifiedby means of the resetting of the COVID-19, which is accessible through Google, that is this Friday it was the day on which the there were more deceased in Italywith the 919 victims.

Since then, the it began with a gradual decline inup log in on the 24th of may, with 50 deaths in the world. As we all know, this has been the first country in europe to the pandemic has caused the damage once the virus has left China, and causing, according to the Johns Hopkins University the more than 230-thousand infections and 32.800 deaths.

Cross has done a miracle again in the city of Rome?

According to the the story of the Catholic Agency of Information (I) the analysis of the father-american raises the the assumption that the effectual fervent prayer of Pope Francis you may have had an effect on Rome. A few days ago, various restrictive measures have been eased in Italy and the masses were celebrated in the presence of the people, but in keeping with the recommendations of the sanitary in order to avoid a new strain of the coronavirus.

On the day that Pope Francis made a prayer, and it is also he prayed before the image of marian in the Salus Populi Romani. In the midst of the rain, and in front of St. Peter’s square, empty,the Pope reflected on the Gospel passage in which The christ calms the storm on the sea of Galilee.

β€œReview us scared and lost,. Like the disciples in the Gospel, we were surprised to learn that one the storm is unexpected and the furibunda. It dawned on us to be in the same boat, all weak and confused, but at the same time important and necessary: all the so-called pull together, all of us, needing to the mutual encouragementβ€œ he said to the pope.

In addition, however, pointed out that β€œfor the Lord to awake, to wake up and revive our faith in the paschal. We have an anchor: on the cross, we are saved. We’ve got a helm: on the cross, we are redeemed. We have a new hope: on the cross, we are healed and held each otherfor that nothing and no one would separate us from his love of the redeemerβ€œ.

For this reason, encouraged to to embrace the cross of Christbecause in it we are saved and receive the hope, and to let it strengthen and support for all the measures, and the roads you will be able to help to preserve and protect. Embrace the Lord, embrace the hope, the. Here is the power of faith, that it frees us from fear and gives you hope.”

Upon reflection, the Holy Father went to the the entrance to the Basilica of St. Peter’swhere did adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the silence of several minutes, accompanied by some of the authorities of the Vatican city, and then he presided over some of the prayersas of the petition in the litanies.

Pure a coincidencesince the lockdown has been one of the decisions that you may have also contributed to the decline in the numbersor cure-all for all christiansthe fact is that it is the number of deaths for the coronaviruses is really he fell in Italy. And that the fall started after the 27th of marchwhen the prayer was done and followed-up in the world.

(Photo: Handout)

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