After the tweet is about Taylor Swift, a network of fast-food outlets is “cancelled” on the site, check out the reactions are hilarious, from the surfers of the event!


This Wednesday (the 27th), the list of cancelled has won over one of the Burger King. After the official twitter account of fast food chain on Twitter, you have made a prank — well-of-date, you will about Taylor Swift, fans of the artist were considered a joke, as something derogatory, and it provoked the publication by the social network.

It all started with a simple question from a follower on Twitter. “Jews plan to boycott Burger King, and I need to know… What is your favorite song from Taylor Swift?”financial crisis in a site. The answer, for its part, has tried to mix a mystery with humor. “The one about the ex-it”it , wrote the account in the BK. Take a look at:

As we all know, Taylor, it often searches for inspiration in their own relationships to writing their own songs — something which is common to many artists. However, the Swifties (fans of the singer) has not outlined any grin with the joke. On the contrary, the style “Look What You Made Me Do”, and they came to the defense of the reputation of the artist, and took up the hashtag “jews plan to boycott Burger King-Is-Over-Party” – that is, the “Party of the Cancellation of the Burger King. The issue took on such proportions that it has come to the most talked-about in the United States, and in Brazil as well. Tie-back to the hustle and bustle:

“And they think that the Swifties had no impact

The “Swifties, trying to cancel out the Burger King one with all of the accounts that they have,”

As might be expected, the issue has brought a variety of responses, and the comments hilarious. And on Twitter, but amazing on the crap started to pop up. A user of the network, and even suggested what would be the purpose for which the possible sting from the fast food chain: past hurts for the sake of the music video for “You Need To Calm Down.

The festival’s cancellation also resulted in a number of comparisons. Many took advantage of the moment of the rebellion to drop their criticism of food, giving a negative evaluation of the burger, the one at the expense of the other. Nothing in the x-burger, just a slice of climão!

“No shade, just the facts.’wrote one user, pointing to a preference for network-Wendy s.

In Brazil, the team of the clown stepped out in front of it!

In general, a lot of people, it was in no doubt about your th the cancellation of this year. In other words, it is as if they said, “hey, you guys, you all need to calm down”.

The news of the day, without a doubt, it was a new type of institutions, who were the targets of a cancellation. Now, we’re also cancelling out the food? How is it that it is the “Blank Space” in your stomach?

Many have taken to heart, just understand the tweet as a joke. Here in Brazil we are grateful for a a cancellation fee will not be due to the national policy. It’s difficult, isn’t it, my child?

At the end of the day, the leaves of the fast-food side. We’re going to saladinha, and that’s the health care like it! Lol