Angelina Jolie recalls the moment in which the mother was the one who was betrayed by the father.


Andthis Sunday, November 10th, we celebrated Mother’s Day in many parts of the world, as in the case of the United States of america. The purpose of the day, Angelina Diamond he wrote a letter, however, published in the journal of The New York Times, where he recalls his mother, Marcheline As an adult.

“I lost my mother in mytrintas‘. When I look back, I can see how much I’ve lost. It was not a sudden, but there is a lot of things have changed from the inside out. To lose the love and the warmth of a mother, the embrace of the smooth, it’s as if someone took a robe, guardone, ” he says.

In the meantime, he reminded them of the time Marcheline he was betrayed by John One on one. Losing her mother left her sad. By the time my father had an affair, and her life has changed. She poured her dream of having a family the water article. But she continued to love being a mother. In the dream it to be actress they failed when they found the 26-year-old to create a child with an ‘ex’ famous, which leaves it in the shade. After her death, I came across a video of her in the pose in a short film. It was a good one. It had been quite possible for her.”.

“Before he died, he told me that the dreams might be just a change of form. Her dream of being an artist was, in fact, the dream of her mother. The more I thought about what it would be like mine. I think of how true this can be for a lot of women before me, whose dreams had led the generations, until they are implemented,” he said, in remembrance of the death of the mother, in 2007, in the wake of a cancer in the ovaries.

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