As we began a friendship that has lasted for over a decade?


The new collaboration of the two must be sought From Above,” for the new album of the singer, Chromatica, will be released this Friday, the 29th

Prior to the official launch of the collaboration between the Lady Gaga and Elton John, “The Sine From Above“so, the new album from the singer Chromaticathat will be released this Friday, the 29th of may, in the Album he recalled the ten-year friendship, the two of them.

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The friendship of the iconic stars of pop, seemed to be destined for, as long as the two took the stage for a joint presentation at the 52nd The Grammy Awards. After that, the pair remained close, and he maintained a friendly relationship over the years, we have the Album list of the most significant moments of it.

The relationship between the two began in January of 2010, when the Lady Gaga presented at the The Grammy awards for the first time Elton John. Of the two, played in the glam rockSpeechless“prior to music.”Your Song“.

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The animation Gnomeu e Julietahe has recorded a duet with Her entitled, “theHello Hello Hello Hello“that was in the movie, and it never made it to the soundtrack, and in February of 2011. However, the collaboration earned nominations for best song at the Golden Globe awards.

The closer to that, in April 2011, the singer and her husband David, Are You Looking For they asked the pop diva to be the godmother of their son, Zachary. Two years later, he was invited to be a bridesmaid one more time, and of the son, Elijah.

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Yet, over the years, the participation of the two bands, there are no surprises and tributes have been set. By 2018 Her he recorded a cover version of “theYour Song“to the hard disk Revamp: Reimagining the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin.