back to the pop it brings the nostalgia

No more waiting for. Only a few hours remain to the official launch of the “Chromatica”, the sixth full-length studio album by Lady Gaga. Delayed almost two months by the spread of the pandemic coronavirus around the world, and the drive it brings for the return of the female singer in the pop universe after his successful foray into movies.

The YOUTUBE it already had exclusive access to all of the tracks from the new project of the singer and of you first-hand accounts of what to expect from your new work from Her:

1. Chromatica

Welcome to Chromatica!” The album begins with an instrumental of epic proportions, as if we were plunging into an adventure in another universe. Her music has been responsible for the composition and production of the track.

2. Alice

As we enter in the fantastic world of the “Chromatica”, it does nothing more to make us feel like “Alice in Wonderland”. The track club is ready for the tracks to remind us of Her music, which has dominated the world with her “The Fame Monster” at the beginning of the last decade, and it is a direct reference to the book by Lewis Carroll. I’m not going to call you Alice, but I am still trying to the land of Wonders,” sings Gaga on the chorus.

3. Stupid Love

The track is already well-known to all, “Stupid”, “Love” marked the return of the official Concert of the pop. With reference to the 1980’s and 1990’s, the music doesn’t hold very well on the charts, but it ends up sounding the best within the whole of the album separately.

4. Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande)

The second single from the album, ‘Rain On Me’, was released last week, and it took the audience, quite rightly, to the sun. Combining the voice and bass of the Concert, with the tone of angels, of the Aryan, the music and gave all of the fans of the pop they needed it the most. It’s a shame that no-one is any the club to go to at the moment, and be able to play on the track with the sound of the hit for both of them.

5. Free Woman

Her dive into the references of the dance music of the 1990’s, in a “Free Woman,” with a sound that is inspired by names such as Madonna and Paula Abdul. It should appeal to lovers of pop, a more “old-school”. In a letter to her to celebrate the strength of women, of anyone that you don’t need a man to be complete.

6. Fun Tonight

The more low this early in the album “Fun Tonight” he promises more than delivers. While the lyrics seem to refer to a big bang on the song, and the end result, it sounds off-putting, and far short of its potential. Not to mention the abrupt ending. It’s not all that perfect after all…

7. Chromatica II

In another interlude, instrumental, Gaga has a bet on with a sound even more dramatic than at the beginning of the disk. In spite of the short term, they are effective at bringing cohesion to the album.

8. 911

With a robotic voice, Her delivery of a song that seems like a young daughter in between her album “Born This Way” (2011), “ARTPOP” (2013). It may not be easy to digest for most of your beats, heavy vocal effects. In the letter, Her mind that she is your worst enemy, recalling the regrets of the past and his mood changes constant.

9. Plastic Doll

Playing around with the idea of being a man (“I Lived in a little pink by the time, too), Gaga revealed that, in fact, can not be used as a toy by anyone else. The track is produced by Skrillex, one of the leading names in electronic dance music, it’s fun, but it doesn’t have the face to be chosen as one of the next singles.

10. Sour Candy (feat. BLACKPINK)

Released today in the morning, “Sour Candy” marks a new career for Her, in her first partnership with the girlgroup of korea, BLACKPINK. The band became one of the topics most talked about on Twitter, because of its resemblance to the song “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry, released in the fall of 2017. The fact is that both of these songs have a sample from the same song: “What They Say” by Maya Jane Coles. “Sour Candy is so much fun, and it’s one of those songs that stick in your ears, but it sounds more like a band of BLACKPINK and with the participation of Her than the other way around.

11. The puzzle

With a voice that powerful, “the Puzzle” and brings Her in for a vintage vibe, following the example set by the older songs such as “Fashion of His Love” from the album “Born This Way”, 2011). Those who liked it, that it was she should fall in love with you again.

12. The Replay

Don’t be fooled by the beats, the hectic and the pace of the dancing. In the letter, “Replay”, Gaga talks about her scars, and monsters that accompanied them throughout life. In spite of the good is produced, it is not nearly as exciting as the other tracks on the CD.

13. Chromatica III

The last part of the interludes instrumentals, and a lot more walking than the previous ones, the range in the forward to the second part of the album, focusing once again on the composition dramatic and the theatrical.

14. Must be sought From Above (feat. Elton John)

It was expected that Her music would play a big disco next to Elton John, how was the presentation of the two “Speechless” at the Grammy awards. But a Necessary precondition of human civilization From Above” brings the two on a track that is full of energy, and that is certainly implied all over the world to the dance floor. “When I was young, I was immortal,” celebrate in the letter. Already the Album has never sounded so fresh and exciting.

15. 1000 Doves

Following the excitement of the previous track, “the 1000 Doves” this is what the fans of pop music would call a “pop perfection”. Produced by BloodPop, one of the people responsible for the majority of the tracks on the album, it’s one of those tracks that will make you scream, “That song!” as soon as you finish listening to them.

16. The

Wrapping up the disc, comes one of the bands that left the fans looking forward to the pre-disclosed a couple weeks ago. Once again, the similarities to “Vogue” by Madonna, are easy to see even in the way in which Her utter each of the words in the song. An ode to the late 1990’s, and he closes the disc with a flourish.

Looking forward? It is almost time for you all to listen to the new album by Lady Gaga, which he promises to enrich his or her collection of songs. “Chromatica”, will be released on all of the services to stream in from the mid-night, and at the time of the event.