BTS releases album ‘Map of the Soul: the 7’ with the feats of the Cis, and Halsey; let 21/02/2020


The group’s south korea, the BTS launched the long-awaited new album “Map the Soul”: 7,” that the account with the shares especiaos of singers such as Sia, and Halsey.

All in all, there are 20 songs total 1h14 minutes of the album, including a few previously released on the EP-Map-of-the-Soul-Person”.

The cis takes part in the song is “On,” and ” Halsey, a star of the song is “the Boy with Luv”.

The album is available on Spotity, and it was accompanied by the release of a special video for the “ON”position:


With the release of the album meant that all ten of the top spots in the trending topics on Twitter, the topics most talked about on the social network, should be the indications to the BTS skytrain station, the album, and with songs like #weonwithBTS, #Map_of_the_soul_7, #Jimin and #Thisis7 there have been a few.

All the songs mentioned in the first few hours of the release, “Louder Than Bombs”, and the “Inner Child”.