Chris Evans shares his favorite moments in the Marvel movies

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Chris Evans you will always be remembered as the Captain Americaand this is something which the actor himself is quite pleasing, representing a significant milestone in his career. Reflecting on her participation in the film of the Marvel Studios, Evans has shared what have been your favorite moments for his role as Steve Rogers.

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In an interview for a podcast The Hollywood Reporter, Evans gave a report on his nearly ten years as a Captain America in cinema, showing appreciation for the Kevin Feige and The Brothers Russo, and a copy of your favorite moments with your favorite scene in the Captain America 2: The Soldier Invernal:

“The [Irmãos] In Russian, they are true film buffs, and they have a lot to learn and a passion for a certain scene in a certain movie. And you will be able to see when they look in awe at some of the times when you want to do something iconic; they were really excited for that fight scene in the lift The Soldier In The Winter. As you can see they wanted it to be special, and, as a result, this is one of my fight scenes, my favorite. And the scene with the helicopter, and they said, listen, you know, they had a scene in their minds, that they were in the position, the posture, everything is in your head; you can’t tell when they are “fired up” when you become a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, into his creative vision.”

He also commented on how special it was to her role in the Upcoming Deadlinewhich, according to him, it has a huge significance, especially for his role in the side Robert Downey Jr.the The man in the Iron.

In addition, all of the Ultimate it was very special to me, because in my head I was very focused on the reflective part, and be grateful for that. You almost feel like you have to be living in a memory you can almost feel as if the moment had already passed, so you really feel like you are one who has to come to terms with it and just enjoy it as a journey it has been.

As I have said, in the Ultimate, there are a lot of great moments. I love the scenes with Downey [Jr. o Tony Stark]. I love to see how these two characters evolved as well. They will typically give you up to the Captain [América] great speeches are emotional, and that kind of thing. Any one of those scenes where we’re all together, it was truly a moment of quite, reflective, and serious.”

Having said that, Chris Evans it is very grateful for all that he has provided during his tenure as the Captain Americanot only the paper itself, but for its customers during this period of time, which made the whole experience to be very special to you.

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