Golden globe awards Hollywood’s changing of the rules. The “fault” is that of Pedro Pascal, and a series called “The Mandalorian” – Today’s


It is not for everyone, and the Golden Globes in Hollywood, they changed the rules because of Pedro Pascal and his role in the series “Star Wars.”

A new rule, the prizes this indicates that the interpretation that only they are the voice did not contribute to the category representation.

That is, those actors whose face is not seen, are excluded, even if their characters are either physically present in the scene, as is the case for example in the movies of super heroes and the saga of “Star Wars.”

However, Pedro Pascal may also be nominated for the Golden Globe awards, and it’s really just because it shows on your face as the bounty hunter in The Mandalorian” at the end of the first season of eight episodes.

According to the sources of the publication, However, was the unusual nature of the character is hidden, which has led to the creation of the rule. The Association of a Foreign Press of Hollywood, are also said to part of, Pedro Pascal may also be appointed.

The most recent rule changes and clarifications were made prior to the crisis, the COVID-19.

The award ceremony of the Golden Globe awards is usually within the first two weeks of the year, but the date of the 2021 has not yet been announced. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return as hosts.