Henry Cavill is negotiating a return to the role of Superman with Warner bros.

After showing up as Clark Kent for the first time in the The Man-of-Steel –, 2013 Henry Cavill I would be trading in his return to the DCEU the Warner Bros. The actor, who also portrayed the character in the Batman-vs-Superman – to-The-Origin-of-Justice and Justice league of americait would have taken the role in 2018, a short time before to write a brief and participate in Shazam!.

According to the TheWrapit is not possible to know whether the transaction involves the work of the dialogue, additional Snyder’s Cut) – to which Cavill played the part of the ad, or the new movies, the occasionally escapes to target. Already Deadline this indicates that the new agreement which may include participation in the sequence of the Shazam! and Aquaman or, in the Adam Blackcreated by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It is worth noting that, for the live in Zack Snyder they announced their cut of the Justice league of americathe actor has revealed his desire to end the trilogy that began with Batman vs. Superman’ find out more.

For the account of the suicide of his daughter, and Zack Snyder has abandoned the project, at the end of 2016. Joss Whedon he took the footage after the out, but negative reaction in the surrounding of the movie has spurred on the rumors surrounding the release of the original, long-since a lot of the material planned by the film-maker is not entered in the final version, in addition to the tone to be consistent. The film was released in November of 2017, and has raised some of the The US$ 657 million in the world, as long as it was in the poster.

Since then it has emerged in the campaign The Release Of The Snyder’s Cut)for the old version to the managing director. Not only is the audience most loyal support, but also to the actors, as an Gal Gadot (Wonder Womanand Jason Momoa (Aquaman). Most recently, the campaign has been released for fans on posters around California, which is funded by its own supporters. We were deeply moved by the suicide of the daughter of Snyder, who walked away from the project in the DC area, and the movement has helped to raise more than The US$ 100 million for the prevention of suicide, with the fans rallying to the cause.