In an interview with the former, Kanye West reveals that he tried to ‘steal’ the Drum Kit Was


During the early and mid-2000s, Eminem has been a prolific producer, in addition to being one of the features of the environment over the warm sector.

One of his biggest fans, it was Kanye West, who appeared in a front-page story in the magazine, the Scratch of 2004, it once again tried to steal the drumm kit from Eminem, to no avail. After explaining that he used to steal like crazy,” the collection of discs of her mentor, no ID , Kanye west talked about being shy too much to ask for In your Drumm Kit, as long as he was in the studio working with a group of rappers D12 . During these sessions, He produced the title track on the D12 World.

“I had to work with a D12, right?” He said. “And I think that Eminem is the producer of crazy, so I wanted to ask him to give me his drum kit, but I was bullied because he was a star, and everything in between”.

He added that a member of D12, Kon Artis (aka Mr. Porter), would be shared with its own battery, but the battery In it was “one of the best producers in hip-hop. Then, when He saw all the disks in the MP than In the studio, he tried to take advantage of the opportunity. “I’m going to try to get as many of the sounds are copied before they hit,” he recalled. I started to copy them, and then the next thing I know is that an engineer goes in and grabs the disk out.”

In spite of the failed attempt, He still managed to learn a few tricks of the trade to watch it Was to work with. In addition to producing much of his own music, Eminem has also made beats for artists such as JAY-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Jadakiss and, of course, their own group, D12. In 2004, he has served as an executive producer and the principal on the album, his of 2Pac , Loyal to the Game.

Of course, Eminem was conducted as a producer for Dr. Dre , who He called one of his biggest inspirations. In an essay for the 2010 Rolling Stone magazine, he recalled trying to imitate the sound of the Statement. “When I was learning to produce, working from a home studio in the birthplace of my mother, and I have tried to make the beats, that seemed to be exactly like that of Timbaland, DJ Premier, Pete Rock’s and, especially, to Dr. Dre. Production of P & l, as ‘California Love’ from Tupac, they were so far beyond what I was doing and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I had no idea how to get to this point, the layers of all the instruments.

In the interview with Scratch , He is also named Eminem as one of the top 5 producers and top 5 features of the environment, while at the same time if you put it in that category. “But you and I are In it together, you’re like, Prince, and Stevie [Wonder]you know,” he said. “We’re the kind of person who can be of help to others, but you can also just go into the studio by myself and creating masterpieces.”

Check out the parts of the interview below, shared by Howard “Treble” Cox on Twitter.