Katy Perry has revealed what is the best song released this decade


Katy Perry (Photo: playback)
Katy Perry (Photo: playback)

Katy Perry it brings together a crowd of fans is extremely warm. There are several songs and videos that bring the the atmospheres of different packing up the hearts of the fans. They are songs that range from something as sexy and sacrilegious to order, innocent, and subtle.

In this way, by means of an interview, she was asked what her favorite song of the decade. She, however, admitted that the choice was difficult, but she finally gave in.

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“I think that “Firework” will always work, it does not matter whether you are 8 or 80 years old, each time I see everyone crying in the theatre. That’s the beauty of the music, as in sport, all over the world together in a community, which is on the same vibe, the energy, and camaragem“ begin.

All over the world to create that bond. I feel like we’re so alone and isolated in the social networks, but when we get together and we dance, we join together with other players, we feel like a human again. I love this songhe said.