Kevin Hart admits that he has lied to the doctors after a car accident


In September of 2019 at the latest, Kevin Hart, has suffered a very serious car accident. Plymouth Barracuda 1970 from the actor, it was completely shattered, and he spent a few months in the hospital, in a hospital in Los Angeles, california, United States of america.

In an interview with the podcast’s presenter, Joe Rogan, the star of Jumanji, stated that he was afraid of death.

“I’ve never cried so much in your life as much as on the first day of the house after getting out of the hospital, because I thought that I would never go back to the house. There was also the possibility of never seeing their home, the one on the way, and my wife and my children,” he said.

Kevin also admitted that he lied to the doctors about the intensity of their pain.

“I lied at the hospital because I didn’t want them to know that I have been suffering from a pain, and I thought that I would continue with my walking. I had to give the impression of being better than it really was,” he said.

Now recovered, Hart also said that, in the days in hospital were the worst of his life.

“You don’t keep to do things to get closer to the light. I’m smiling because I have no reason to feel bad, because I would not be here,” he concluded.

Kevin Hart is not wearing seat belt at the time of the accident

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart continues his recovery from the car accident in which you have been a victim, and now, according to the authorities, and the serious injuries that he suffered in his back that could have been avoided if he had been wearing a seat belt when the driver of the car lost control of the vehicle.

Law enforcement sources told the website TMZ that no one in his old one he was trapped in the driver’s S Black, the led on a road near Calabasas, California, usa, at the beginning of September.

Upon further investigation, officers from the Highway Patrols of California said that with the Barracuda fell off after the Black has lost control of it.

They insist that there is no evidence of a mechanical problem.

Kevin had suffered three fractures of the spine in an accident and has been undergoing a major surgery on his back.

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