Kim Kardashian on filming her daughter for a year with a snake in his neck


Kim Kardashian amazed at the courage of the daughter of Chicago. Through the video, the socialite showed off the girl for a year, and a very laid-back, with a snake around his neck. At some point, it is possible to see someone else’s approach to the child with the most animals, but not frightening, the daughter of entrepreneur and Kanye West.

“My girl is bold”, he wrote to Kim on the social networks, so impressed with Chicago.

Even though many of the followers of aplaudirem free in Chicago, there were also those who did not showed pleased with it. “Don’t take a chance like that with an animal. Especially the experts, who will easily attack when they feel provoked. It seems to me irresponsible for parents to let children too young to take on the animals without having any idea of what they are doing. The poor snake. They have a little more respect, “I would Never leave my son to play with a snake”, “I Love that you show for the animals, but please, teach him to be more care -”were the messages of some of the fans of the former.

Here’s the video for Chicago, playing with a snake!