Kylie Jenner may be the brother of the paid for bills on judicial


Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, a woman of billion dollar for the 22-year-old is also the next to help her brother, Rob Kardashian. This is because of the boy’s 32-year-old has taken the money to cover the costs of the proceedings for the custody of her daughter, the Dream of three years ago.

“He’s brought a lot to the mother to [Kris Jenner]]and Khloé [Kardashian] over the years, it has been agreed that it is time for Kylie to help, Rob,” said a source at the site RadarOnline.

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According to the person in the financial aid, you must focus on to help Rob in his fight to court to get an heir, as a result of the relationship with the entrepreneur Blac Chyna. “They are all united to assist him to obtain the custody of the overall in the Dream, even if it is to ‘paste’ it into Blac Chyna, who they all hated with a passion,” said the insider.

“He is so lucky to have this help, because they would not be able to pay the bills, and legal, for their own account,” he added, saying that the young man would have given you even more precupações a Lot in terms of money. “Kim is going to help you if you need to, but as is the Case with you have money coming out of your ears right now, it would seem fair for it to soak in your pocket,” he said.

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Since the demise of the marriage of the only son of the clan, and Chyna, and in December of 2016, and the two are facing a big fight for judicial custody of the little girl. In January, in fact, Rob has filed an application for custody, the total child.

In doing so, he has asked the justice what her ex was testing the drug for 30 minutes prior to each site visit with an agent, which leads you and do the tests and provide immediate results, as well as the laboratory tests are complete.”

Rob has offered to pay for the test, and asked if one of them was Blac, by the use of the drug, a visit to her daughter would be suspended until such time as he is cleared. In addition to this, he has requested that all site visits were accompanied by a nanny, who in return would select and pay for itself.

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