Lady Gaga has a penis, and an affair with Bradley Cooper, and all the truth about the singer

lady gaga
The american singer Lady Gaga (PHOTO Reproduction)

In an interview with Vogue Magazine in the year 2018, Lady Gaga commented on a famous story that has taken over the web in the last few years, I would suggest that she, in fact, have a penis. Of course, if it’s a lie, it originated from an odd angle for a photo of the artist’s work.

“The [boato] the most weird one I’ve heard is that I have a big dick”she commented that the actress, in an interview, bringing a laugh from all those around him.

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Lady Gaga makes a statement of romantic, to her boyfriend: “It’s the love of my life”.

Gaga has also revealed that it is often to enjoy their leisure time by watching horror movies, and is now living in a fantastic time as a singer-songwriter, couldn’t find any of it difficult to write about. On the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in life, she explained that it was given to Tony Bennett, ” said jazz legend Duke Ellington: “Number 1, don’t give up and number 2, don’t forget to pay attention to the number of 1’s”.

At another point in the chat, the singer says he hopes to be remembered for the message that is conveyed in the “Born This Way”, because I believe that all people are created equal. Check it out below:

Lady Gaga has admitted that she and Bradley Cooper have sparked rumours of a secret

She and Bradley Cooper were in the spotlight at ‘A Star is Born’ (2018), and the rumours suggest that the pair would be having an affair off-camera. At that time, the two were in serious relationships – both of which are already closed, but many of the sites are still pointing to a possible affair between Her and Cooper in the same way….

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Lady Gaga has admitted that she and Bradley Cooper have sparked rumours of a secret

Recently, the singer and actress, eventually took over that it was all a practical joke with the fans. “We really did a good job of deceiving the whole world. We have created this“ she told Her, in a interview on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus for the Tour.

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It is worth noting that, in November, the singer had given an interview, just a Show and in Elle magazine where he has already planned some of the action to the fans to think that she and Bradley had an affair.

Frankly, I think the press is really stupid“ do, ” she says about the situation in the novel. “I mean, we have a love story. For me, as a singer and an actress, of course, we want to make people believe that we were in love”.

How to practice the burning of her and Cooper at the academy awards, Gaga tells Winfrey: “We want people to feel is this love for the Series. We wanted it to be passed through the lens of the camera, and the whole of the flat in which he was being assisted.

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Lady Gaga says rumors that it was her romance with Bradley Cooper

And we have been working hard on this, we have to work for days.”she continues. “We’ve mapped out everything – it was orchestrated as a performance. In fact, when we talked about it, we said, ” Well, I think we’ve done a good job of it!’”

After her performance at the Oscars, and fans quickly took to social media to discuss the chemistry between Lady Gaga and Cooper, a 44-year-old, who also directed the film. At the time, Gaga had recently separated from her boyfriend, Christian, Carino’s, and Cooper’s was just a few months after his breakup with Irina Shayk.

Check out the latest interview with Lady Gaga (approximately one hour) to Show the program on Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus for the Tour.