“Lover” is to the 35 of the clip from Taylor Swift to surpass 100 millions views,


“Lover” is a song from Taylor Swift’s, have surpassed 100 million views on Youtube this Saturday (the 18th). This is the 35th video of the singer to make such a mark. The track is part of the seventh full-length studio album of Swift, which also contains the hits ‘ Your Need-To-Calm-Down” and “ME”. “Lover” has received three nominations at the Grammy awards, including Song of the Year.

This is a video that shows a heart of gold, a house, in seven rooms of different colors, each one representing one of the seven studio albums from the Swift, and the one time in your life since the release of their first album. In the course of the clip, it is shown the ups and downs of a relationship, as long as he performs the song. At the end of the snow globe is shown to be a Christmas gift for a child, who is the daughter of the couple. Check them out below:

The singer is speaking to the Christian Year in the clip, directed by her, and Drew Kirsch. The concept for the video was inspired by the lyrics of “You Are In Love” (a track from the deluxe version of “1989,” which says, “You’re in love, true love. And so it goes on. The two of you dancing in a snow globe, going round and round and round”.

A ballad from the centre it begins, with Swift singing: ‘We could leave Christmas lights up until January, and that has confused some listeners. January begins a few days after Christmas, so what’s the big deal in the decoration of the Swift? The singer explained that the reason for the letter.

“I’ve played around with the idea of ‘you Can leave the lights on of the Christmas lights up until April,’” said the singer in the New York Times, when asked if the letters have changed during the recording process. So, why did you jump into January? Swift explained that it wanted to “Lover” it was about the quiet moments and the ordinary that make a relationship special and then she changed the month to something more simple.

“It’s not a crazy thing,” said Swift. “It’s about how it is common. It’s more or less the same as ” We might put a rug in there. You could make a wall paper or paint.’ When young people are no longer living in the family, and once you combine your life with another person, that is, in fact, it’s one of the things that are most profound”.

The album is available for sale in the following formats: physical, digital, and it is also available in a variety of streaming platforms such as Youtube and Music on Spotify.