Maisie Williams announces a pause in his career


The actress, Maisie Williams has said in an interview with Rolling Stone, that will give you a break in your career. She plays the character of Arya Stark in the series Game of thrones since 2011. Now that the film series has come to an end, and she threw in a brand new period of time.

“I don’t think that, subconsciously, to dye my hair because I didn’t want to work with. It’s a good way to stop it. And it is not so good, and so do I,” said Maisie. The actress explained that whenever he tried to leave it as a “blank canvas”. In this way, it would be easier for any of the characters.

The hair of the actress, they are now pink. The choice of color, it has a rationale behind it: “I Love pink, too. For a long time, I pretended that my favorite color was green. I thought that I wouldn’t be a feminist if my favorite color was pink. So, I decided that it was stupid.”

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