Man, that Angelina Jolie wears in the Future is currently on sale for$ 89 in Brazil


Angelina Jolie is being shown in movie theaters as the star of “Maleficent: the Mistress of Evil,” and, during the week of Halloween, we’ve found the exact hue of the lip stick, which she uses to transform into the bad guy, the godmother of princess Aurora.

It is the color of the Russian Red from M. A. C to sell in Brazil for$ 89. In the version of the mini, and the product sells for$ 49.

For example, he published on social networking sites, and that the product has been used by make up artists on the film’s characterization in the show.

“Future uses of the deep, for an intense, disruptive, red Russian, Red in the new movie ‘Mistress of Evil’,” he wrote of the giant’s makeup, on Instagram.

The lip balm can be found in all the shops of the M. A. C. in Brazil, but it’s also on sale on the website of the company.