Overview of the brazilian of the Future is impressive due to the similarity with Diamond – 03/11/2019


Mining, Barbara, and Moreno is often confused in the streets of los angeles, with the hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. And there is a lot of interesting people. In the state of minas gerais 37 years of age, has been very popular on the internet as it for the kids-perfect for Maleficent, the movie leading the box office in Brazil.

The young woman, who has dressed up Lara Croft, she started it with the kids with no aspirations, she decided to put together for the birthday of one of their two children four years ago. Was such a success that she now works professionally as a model for Future events of the film,

According to her, the characterization of the delay of about two hours, with clothes, hair and make-up. A mother gives you strength and helps you in the making of their clothing. In a shopping mall, it tends to be a tieta, as well as the events grow, as a CCXP.

“I have a ‘ritual’ for me, because I have to go with the wing stuck under the clothes,” she says in an interview published by the newspaper Extra. “If not, then the wings will not fit together. When I arrived at the place of the presence, and the wings are bolted on to the bracket and you’re done!”

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