Selena Gomez, Daniel Radcliffe: celebrities who suffer from a disease of Famous


All over the world love to follow the lives of celebrities, whether it is in Brazil and around the world. Most of them have too much of your life is exposed, every single day, even so, a good portion of the fans don’t know that many idols are fighting every day against illness and disease. Artists such as Selena Gomez and to Daniel Radclife are facing health problems that need to be treated.

The NaTelinha prepare a list to show the life of the fight against serious diseases that many celebrities deal with every day. Check it out.

Angelina Jolie

To her all-american, best known for movies such as “Tomb Raider” and “mr and mrs Smith” has a legion of fans, but it also has a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, which increases the chance of cancer in the breast at 87% and ovarian cancer by 50 per cent, according to the medical world.

As a result, the actress made a controversial decision a few years ago and opted for the removal of the ovaries and both breasts as a way of preventing it. At the time of the surgery they gave a lot to talk about the fact that the actress does not have children, but she adopted the kids, and she is currently a mom full-of-three.

Kim Kadarshian

The beauty who shot to fame as an empowering, long before the people know what it is. In addition to her reality, which has been a major success on american TV, and it shows in your day-to-day with her family, she has to deal every day with psoriasis, a disease that leaves spots in various parts of the body.

The illness of a celebrity has been revealed to us, even inside of the reality tv show when she did a health assessment which noted the complications of the spots on the legs. Most recently, Kim was in the audience, and he made a point of talking about it began to appear spots on the face

Charlie Sheen

The main character of “Two and a Half Men” has always been controversial, and very controversial, to such an extent that in a few moments, and a lot of fans don’t know about where it ended for the character in the show has earned four Emmy nominations for him, and where he began the life of an actor.

Most recently, he revealed that he is a carrier of the HIV virus, and they kept the illness a secret for so many years, but it was decided by the congregation, because he was suffering in the shadows of the people close to you that you knew of the case. For this reason, he has chosen to reveal. It’s worth noting that Charlie, although he is a carrier of HIV have not developed AIDS.

Morgan Freeman

One of the most successful actors in Hollywood (Morgan Freeman tends to be synonymous with big box-office, and the work that has already earned a number of awards and nominations at the academy awards. He revealed that he suffers from a couple years ago with a disease that’s very painful: for the treatment.

According to the actor himself, it has been the result of a road traffic accident in which his vehicle rolled over several times, in the best style of the action films that he’s starred in over the years and it has crushed the cells in your arm, taking off a part of the movement, and leaving the disease.

Daniel Radclife

The protagonist of the Harry Potter series, one of the most important characters of literature and cinema in the twenty-first century, the british actor has been facing since their childhood to a disease that a lot of people have never heard of the name, but it also brings with it the consequences that are troubling, the dyspraxia

The disease is a disorder of the brain that reaches a part of the intellectual, as with the hand-eye coordination, in addition to the hurt a part of the learning experience). The second non-actor who had lived in the bruxinho the most loved in the world, and in the worst of the protests, he couldn’t even tie his shoes.

Brad Pitt

Imagine that you have become a friend of Brad Pitt on a trip, and, in after years, meet the actor at an event, and it is simply not to recognize you. For this reason it may happen that, as the lead role in “Mission: Impossible” suffers from prosopagnosia

For those who have never heard of this strange name, as to most people, but it is the loss of ability to recognize persons, objects, sounds and shapes. He also spoke about the disease at various times, and went on to say that it is very difficult to deal with, because it does not recognize faces, and it causes a tight spot.

Jessie J

The famous british singer who burst on the pop charts and became almost unanimity among music lovers around the world have a very a particular with the disease, which experience many years ago with a strange name: Wolf-Parkinson-White.

It is responsible for causing an irregular heartbeat and even shortness of breath. Jessie had a stroke at 16 years old, and it was precisely in this difficult period of her life ended up becoming a singer because she became a part of at the time of recovery, and to find out the disease.

Selena Gomez

The singer and girlfriend of Justin Bieber has a legion of fans all over the world, but you don’t have to tackle only the problems with the drugs and the drink that I had led him to be admitted to the hospital more than once in and out of Rehab. She revealed that a few years ago, which is a carrier for the Analgesic –

It is a disease with a name that is quite common, but most people don’t know of anyone else that carries it. Lupus tends to attack the immune system instead of protecting it, and he decides to attack the healthy cells, promoting a number of other diseases as well.

Miley Cyrus

Those who are not familiar with the Hannah Montanah? Hard to imagine, but there is a lot of time Miley Cyrus went from being the character who have promoted the millions of teenage fans, and if you had a singer that’s very important in the world of pop. And she revealed that she has a Heart

Even though it is a hardly known and seldom treated as a serious matter, it could not be ignored, because it is a disease that causes the heart to beat faster, and may even lead to a STROKE, so that the singer is surrounded by care, to prevent the worst from happening.

Tyles, James Williams

“Everybody Hates Chris” was a series that was very successful in the past decade or so, and that, to this day, every now and then, is displayed on the grid, on the Record, to the delight of the fans. The main character of the story has been developed, which is a carrier of crohn’s disease

The name is hard to make a lot of people to cheer on the nose, and you don’t have to have a good idea of what it is, but it is something that is relatively common in the lives of the people, because they don’t spend is a serious problem in the intestinal tract, which has no cure and can cause diarrhea, cramps and even fever.

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