Specialists say the the the design house of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s


The hand
A ausncia of fine furniture and prevalncia the neutral palette made it the subject of one of the most talked-about on Twitter (picture: Kim Kardashian/Play )

When it comes to the couple’s Kim Kardashian West and Kanye west’s The West is almost all the time if it makes the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Recently, even in the good has been hit with a spotlight. In the essay, the Architectural Digest, the stars of the north-american, commented on the choice of the style monastrio futuristic”, which is prevalent in the design of the home.

The residence, which is located in the city of Los Angeles, california, in the United States, has been purchased by the couple in may 2013. From l-to c-imvel has gone through many reforms, at to take on the identity of the current one, which has the design of the interior was signed by the belgian designer Axel Vervoordt.

With more than 40 years of work, the focus for the segment, Vervoordt has become a true reference in the design of modern europe, in addition to a curator in the art. As shown, the interior designer Marcia Debski Smith, in the style of the artist-the belgian scored with the following features: a few month the furnishings and no clutter, which results in a simplicity and luxury.

In the project the most simple, natural, s
In projects that are more simple, natural elements are very used to (picture: Kim Kardashian/Play )

“The emphasis est in natural materials such as wood in soft colors, often used on walls and ceilings. And the floors are of stone, everything is too “washed out”, and in the presence of a lot of natural light and providing a feel always very fresh,” says the expert.


The DNA is the minimal and j is a part of the surroundings, designed by Vervoordt. And, increasingly, the students have arrebanhado many people, because they have ways to geomtricas simple, straight lines, and the spaces so decorated, and with just a few of the objects, the colors that are neutral and that you care about the most, for one the layout is functional and clean.

“Bright spaces and fresh, with a little texture, neutral colors, and decorated with a few of fine furniture are the main bulletins, etc of the same style. Bet the wood is also an option that will fit into this design,” says interior designer Patrcia Hagobian.

There is a ligao in the same way, the lifestyle of the client. There are lots of styles in the décor, and when it comes time to choose the one that prevails is always the one that best reflects the the personality of the occupant.

“No h dvidas de that this is a project with a footprint, which is more conceptual. I think that the trader may have been based on a briefing and study of the needs of the couple, Kardashian-West,” he said.

Ao contrrio do the rest of the cmodos, the fourth in the North West, is completely pink. Each revisits the style marked the beginning of the year 2000 (picture: Kim Kardashian/Play )

The room is in the North-West, eldest daughter of the couple, it is also designed by the belgian designer. In contrast to the rest of the house, the environment, and is covered by the elements on the plate cor-de-rosa. The head of the butterfly’s clothes to bed, the whole room appears to have been taken out of a fairy tale, as it should be for a true Kardashian!

Peace in the midst of the chaos

The couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lives a living for a l l of the busy on average — no h dvidas. With this in mind, one of the interpretaes to the concept of ” clean-est related to just trying to equilbrio in between personal life v. professional.

“I realize that a lot of people are critical of the houses of the well-known people. But I tend to say that the style is reflective of the will of each person, the individuality of each person. The choice of this aesthetic may be at the expense of the life-style as well the uneasy and restless, that they live in. And then, at the end of the day, we look in our home a song of peace” says Alex Rose, a designer and professor at the Iesb.

In an interview, Kanye West says that from
In an interview, Kanye West stated that the ausncia of fine furniture has been designed for the children to have more room to play with in the house (picture: Kim Kardashian/Play )

It is to enlarge the space for the kids to play in, whether it is to be a place of calm in the midst of the chaos, and the goals and objectives of the client in the home, only taken to the letter by the designer to the maximum extent permitted. “A professional never design for themselves, but for the other”, the afrma.