Stormi Webster’s requests for a Kylie Jenner to be silent in the video


It seems that the Stormi Webster we really liked the Frozen 2! So much so that she even asked me to be your mother, Kylie Jennerto stay silent.

In a video shared on social networks, and the founder of the Kylie’s Crafts she explained how when she came. “We’ve been watching Frozen a 2, for the first time, and Stormi are loving it so much, because I have come to speak to you: “I love you.” Do you love me?’, and he said, ‘Xiiiu’, “said Jenner. “I was in complete shock. She’s never done it before“.

As the parent pointed out: “She of course loved him in the movie“.

The short, celebrating the birthday of 2 years old recently, and it’s such a huge fan of the movie Disney that is, until he made a feast, which was the theme of the World of Darkness. There, the guests were able to make snowmen in the snow and meet Olaf.

As part of the celebration of the anniversary, Stormi, also went to Disney World with his family. Looks awesome!!