Streamy Awards-2019: The City wins the award for the Youtuber in Latin, Released In the X -, Nikita, Dragun, Anne Mongeau and JoJo Siwa will also be among the winners


The City (Play Internet)

It happened on the evening of the last Friday (the 13th) in Los Angeles, in the United States, by the prize-giving ceremony Streamy Awards-2019 in the YouTube video. Many international artists and youtubers from the usa and other countries, were at the ceremony to honour the event, which recognizes the biggest youtubers in the world.

The Citywho is from brazil and has been nominated for the Youtuber of Women in BreakTudo Awards, 2019 at the latest, I was there at the event and it turned out to be award-winning Youtuber from America, and Latin america. The youtuber Enaldinho he won the BreakTudo Awards, 2019 at the latest in Youtuber a Male, was also nominated in the same category as She.

The influence Markin Carvalho and Bruno Oliveira, also present at the event, they will have to follow a friend to The City.

The youtuber, David Dobrik, was the best of the night with 11 nominations, Anne Mongeau, won as the Creative of the Year, Good Mythical Morning, won Show of the Year, Nikita Dragun won first prize in the category of a Youtuber’s Beauty, JoJo Siwa, won in the category of Children and the Family, it is Released At X was given the award for Breakthrough Artist, Impaulsive won first prize in the category Poadcast.

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