The 15 most iconic images of the ‘it could Only be in the soviet union!’


If you were there but in the Soviet Union, these images would be the material of legend.

1/ the Children are sleeping in the open air

Believe it or not, but the children are the Russian really, really, sleeping in the open air, even in winter. A common practice in pre-school soviet union was seen as a preventive measure against respiratory disease, as well as a good habit to nurture.

2/ The first man and woman in space

Yuri Gagárin, and Valentina Terechkova, were the first man and woman in the history of mankind to travel into space. But there is only one question: why is it Gagárin you are holding on to the ears of the Terechkova in this picture?

3/ Lenin at the South Pole

Drag the image of its late leader, to the ends of the Earth, so that no one will be able to see it? A job well done!

4 to about 9, 000 square feet of floor

What did the soviet union put more than 9000 m2 of the floor at the Red Square in 1936? Nothing special, in fact: Stalin wanted to just watch a game of football without leaving the comfort of the best seat in town – on the roof of the Mausoleum of Lenin.

5/ Students from schools in the Soviet Union

The children in soviet union they used to get detailed training on how to react during an attack, biological, or nuclear energy, in addition to fire weapons, and throw grenades. Luckily, most of these kids have never had to use those skills in the real world, but it was definitely a spectacle.

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6/ Women’s hats from the skin on the inside of the house

There was often something special in the photos, the end of the soviet union, women wearing hats, tall and thick-skinned. They will not be separated from them even in the indoor environment. At that time, it was not a surprise at all: they were a luxury item, such as owning a Louis Vuitton bag in the present day. Sweat, under a hat, the skin due to eight long, long hours of work don’t it would be too much for some women.

7/ the Grandmothers of the soviet doing the heavy lifting

Here are the the notorious gender equality in the Soviet Union.

8 and The latest fashion trends

In the fashion the soviet – like government, I never thought about how it should be with a woman, including floral dresses to wear, and what colors are acceptable to wear during the walk in the daytime. But, in reality, it’s all down to scarcity: women just don’t have much of a choice, that they would be the patterns found in the magazine that had the instructions on or with the material.

9’s/ Children’s cut-and-paste

The children are also not free from the uniform, with a lot of plaid Burberry-style of the soviet union.

To 10 beauty Salons of the soviet

The beauty industry is well advanced in pace with the industrial sector.

11/ Sculptures, human

Here they are represented in the first two Games to the Good-Will of a as an alternative to the Olympic Games), in 1986. Have you seen anything like that since then?

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12/ Bear on a bike

The classic stereotype of a Russian in on the action.

13/ the Winner of the first competition of the soviet robotic

Take that, Elon Musk!

14/ Floor all over the place!

His passion for rugs, do not know limits in the CITY.

15/ “sun”

Without the sun? Go for it! In the USSR, and it was really, really hard-headed when it came to bombarding the people with the UV rays. The children were all then went to the first one. He was able to take these baths as per the convenience of their own, even in the office. That’s what the women used to get ready for the summer trips.

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