The actress the best paid in the world


At the time of the struggle for equal pay between women and men in all areas, it is worthwhile to take a look at the list of practitioners of the theatrical arts which are most highly valued by the largest film industry on the planet, and the world.

The gap in values between men and women, it is a fact that is undeniable. But you are already aware of the issue, and a cautious attempt to minorá it on the part of the executive, whether it is for the sake of justice, it is to try to make an image that is progressive among the participants, that is, for pure marketing purposes.

We all know that the cinema is an industry of big numbers, in all other respects, it would be in the salaries of the big stars that would have been different. In the final analysis, only the two women settled down on the list of actors, well-paid, and Scarlett Johansson, and Sofia Vergara. Already on the list of exclusively women, you can see that they are well on the tape.

Scarlett is one of the most well paid of all of them, I would be in 7th place in the 10-between the men’s and women’s, with the us $ 57 million per year, noting that these figures are only for the cache in total, which are films that, without deduction of tax, or a percentage of agents, and so on. All of them will earn you even more with merchandising, sales, licensing, etc.

Apartment is on the 2nd amongst the girls, the 10th in the list of women’s and men’s, at just over 44 million in wages in the movies and the tv series they star in the sky. A less well-known in Brazil, it has become more and more popular in the USA and get married with the actor’s big Joe Manganiello, who played the role of a werewolf in the series True Blood is based.

Scarlett tops the list of the best paid for a few years now. It is one of the main female characters in the franchise, The Avengers – Marvel – and, as soon as the pandemic is finished, you will see your movie on the ground making his debut on the big screen from all over the globe, when they will revive the heroine Black Widow. She is an actress since childhood and is very dear to my heart for being so friendly and for her sex-appeal.

Following are the list of the actresses Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston, all veterans, with more than 20 years of career on his back. They have received 35, 34, and 28 million more than the whole lot in the last year, respectively. And that’s not bad, eh? In detail, one of the 5 actresses, Kidman, and Whiterspoon, have received the award in the academy awards.

In addition, they have Charlize Theron, who holds a 9th placing in the list, and we’ve got 3 actresses who were able to add artistic and financial. On the list of the 10 highest paid men, you know, how many have won an Oscar? Nothing in this world. Truth be told, Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr, respectively, the 10th, 6th and 3rd have already been pointed out as well.

But that is the impression that there’s a great deal more than just a pretty face, female, to reach the edge of the table – in terms of money, than on the male side of the force, and the list is headed by Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth, who earned 89,4 and to 76,4 million dollars each respectively.

Charisma, friendliness, and sex appeal, all of these are common in many of them. Downey, Jr has come to the end of the pit, and few would have dared to hope that she could survive the personal hell he went through, but now that he has risen from the ashes, and look where it ended up… it Is to cheer on such a revival,

Among the women, and the only one from Latin Speaking. All the others are white and caucasian. Already on the list of men, there is one indian, one asian, and one african-american among the top 10. A variety much appreciated. It is hoped that, soon, this, too, can be seen among the girls.