The din doesn’t have limits, you know? Blake Lively doesn’t give the best response to the photo, such as that of Ryan Reynolds in his underwear, come see!!!


The din has no boundaries… especially between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds! The actress had left a comment back in a post on Instagram of a photo, such as the husband, only in his underwear, which was created by the artist, plays the digital, by Ronald McDonkey.

In the picture, Ronald photoshopou the head of Ryan’s one-click-of-a-man-lying on top of a box from the grocery store. The boy was wearing underwear emblazoned with the flag of the United States, and a tank top a feminine writing ‘Fun’, ‘fun’ (in Portuguese).

Just over an hour later, Blake was faced with the image, and if you had a lot of fun with the set-up, going with the flow of the game. “If you please, stop stealing my personal pictures”he commented on the star, making fun of the guy from “Deadpool”.

After that, she made it clear that it was just a din when you post a comment with many emojis smile, a blink and the other ~love~. The icon, which adds value to the artists, it still retains the humor of her husband! lol Check out the post:

great. that scene is awesome! (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

This is not the first time that a strip to make fun of each other on social media. In the last year, they looked at each other blog posts as well zoeiros for my birthday. “I cutuquei the right person for you”bush said she Paid with a fotinho sticking his nose in Ryan’s, on his birthday, in October.

In August, on the anniversary of it, he is the “Detective Score” had not been left by the least to the publishing of a number of clicks of the mouse, which his wife did not come out as well, it will be an eye-closed, out-of-focus, or even having fun.

Today, the two of you are going to quarantine in the house with the three daughters of James, age 5, Inez, 3, and the youngest, nine months, and the mother of Blake. “My mother-in-law has been a great help, it is saving people. It is not known, but it is our food for an emergency, if it becomes worse,”joked the actor in an interview on the “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”.

“I’m doing my part to stop men from off the face of the Earth.”, had Ryan on the hook, with five of the women. “I don’t feel any lack for male company. Men tend to be some of the architects of the death of the person, then it’s all good”he admitted he was.

“We have a lot of lessons in the home. We are lucky enough to have a small garden, so we are learning quite a bit about gardening. We are trying to make this a learning experience”said to him, before I tell you the truth…. “I’m kind of I’m just drinking”, the reported Reynolds, who is also the owner of a trademark for gin.