The scene of Angelina Jolie with the actor in the Marvel comics, it leaves a scar on your face

Some of the actors in Hollywood love to do some of the scenes are dangerous. Angelina Jolie, a lot of times, they accept the challenge.

However, the areas with jumps, big tricks, or combat, may have some dangerous consequences. One of them was at the Salt lake film of 2010.

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In the film, Angelina Jolie is CIA agent Evelyn Salt, who is accused of being a spy for the Russian within. In a story full of action, the character must prove his innocence to her.

In Salt, Angelina Jolie has starred alongside Liev Schrieber. The actor is well-known for his series, Ray Donovan, and also by the Tooth-of-Sabre-Marvel-X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The two have an important scene together in the Salt. For the moment, it was not as hard as the others, but, unfortunately, it was a result that shouldn’t be in.

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For the Salt, the star of Hollywood, has learned to fight Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. In addition to this, it came to the floor on top of a tall building and jumped out of the truck is in motion.

However, as a stunt coordinator, Simon Crane reminded us, in US Weekly, it was a scene more easily than Angelina Jolie has gained a scar on his face. The one time it involved a fight with the actor, in the Marvel universe.

“During the final scene with Liev, and she had to dive through an open door and fired a gun, so she went to the stream, she reached for a piece of a corner of the set, and hit your head,” said the trader.

In spite of the accident, and the scars, Angelina Jolie was as well.

As for herself, it is even more a part of the Marvel now. Angelina Jolie will be in The Eternal, which promises to introduce a new group of “heroes” on the label.

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The Eternals arrive in February 2021 in the movie theaters.