To be accused of ignoring the model of the gay, Shawn Mendes, apologies

The pop singer Shawn Mendes
The pop singer Shawn Mendes [Foto: Divulgação]

The singer Shawn Mendes he was involved in a controversy on the social networks, most recently during a live stream on their profile Instagram. The famous one got into a tight spot by the end of the video, as soon as the model, James, and Charles sent him a comment on it. For some people, it sounded like contempt, and even on the hypothesis that homophobia was raised as a professional in the world of the gay right.

At the time, he went after Charles to send the following statement:“you have to juggle to me like that”he said , in reference to the ability of the artist to make cards that I was showing off this talent during the live.

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To the knowledge of the power of, Mendes has tried to undo the misunderstanding, and to send a message directly to the template, and apologized about what had happened. “Hi, James.” Sorry for all of this, I have never said that I don’t like you, or that you have made me feel uncomfortable. Your comment actually made me laugh, and I loved it so much! I hope that everything will be okay”, he said.