Tom Felton and his brother, Taylor, Swift, give a KISS against the wall in the trailer for the film “the Key For Whales”; check it out!

Draco Malfoy grew up and showed up! Lol, The trailer for the new film for Tom Felton, “Key Is to Whales,” shows the actor in the franchise, “Harry Potter,” at a session of pussy with Austin Swift brother Taylor!

In the film, the character of a Tone, struggle against her own sexuality, insisting to his sister (played by Tammin Sursok from “Pretty Little Liars”), who is not gay. He shouts this several times in the video. Then, in a scene with Austin — who appears to have a small role in the feature, and the two exchange a kiss against a wall! Check it out below:

The plot of the production revolves around the brothers, Brandon Walker, and a Star Walker, you don’t have a close connection, but are forced to overcome their differences after the death of his mother. The pair have come together to fulfil the request by the bizarre, the mother made before she died: to have his ashes placed inside of a whale (!). It takes you on a journey in a car, in which they discuss their past and think about the problems that you have with each other. However, in spite of the s perrengues, and of a temper tantrum, they will come.

The film is co-written by Tammin and Sean McEwen, who has also been in charge of the direction. The film will be released digitally on the 24th of April, but the trailer caught our attention in the social networks, just for the scene between Tom and Austin. To see some of the responses:

“Oh, to be in the Austin, putting you on the Tom Felton’s against the wall.

“My guy is opening up to Twitter to see Austin Swift, and Tom Felton for giving one out”.

“Tom Felton, and Austin Swift, b*, c * ralho”

“Austin Swift’s viralizando for a shot of pussy’s gay to Tom Felton in a movie, on the anniversary of the “I”, somehow, it sums up precisely was a Lover, more than any words could.”

“Austin Swift kissing, Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy??? I’ve ALWAYS known that Taylor was a sonserina”.