Why is there so much hate from the fans.


When Robert Pattinson was picked to be in the new Batman film, the fans were divided. Considered to be one of the finest and most versatile actors of his generation, and one who follows the career of the actor, it was quiet, the choice is made; however, another group did not approve of the deal, he said that he would “do a lot of weight, and up to the estigmatizou such as the ever-Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.

In an interview with Robert Pattinson (new Batman film), it says that it is not working in the quarantine, which has angered many fans. Image: GQ

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A few months ago, we went into quarantine on account of a pandemic of a new coronavirus (Covid-19), and, in an interview with GQ, Pattinson has stated that it is not working out, and he took the opportunity to complain about the culture of the time, thus: “No one was doing this back in the 1970’s. James Dean wasn’t exactly torn up,” he said. After all, who is right: the a-list actor, you don’t want to fit in with the stereotypes of beauty, or for the fan who wants the Batman beaten and gominhos in the abdomen and in the movies?

A history of poor acceptance of a nerd

This is not the first nor will it be the last time fans xingarão on Twitter, with the choices of actors for the adaptation of the movie and the TV show. Recently, with the chance of Michael B. Jordan being the first, Superman, the dark on the big screen, there has been a reluctance by a “distortion” of the character — to realize that the actor hasn’t even been confirmed for the role.

A star in the series the Titans-it was another case of a controversial. The actress, Anna Says, climbing for a living Kory Anders became the subject of attacks on social networking sites, then again, “bash,” the image of a Star that the fans had a comic book. Says, a black woman, plays the role of an alien with orange skin and hair, and scarlet thread.

Kory Anders has been the target of racial slurs on to interpret the Storyline in the series, teen Titans. Image: Vox

Well, that is similar to the Star that was Dr. Manhattan in the series, the Watchmen. In the film, Zack Snyder, Billy Crudup has given the life to be superpoderoso, while in the series from HBO, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, was placed in charge of the paper. Again, the complaints, the final result of this character, which is represented by a black actor, and with the changes in relation to the creation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic book.

In all three cases, the complaints of the geek has given way to racism and pure, with arguments such as, “and if you, as an actor, white has been chosen to play a character that is black, what would you think?”, as if that didn’t happen and if it wasn’t absurd enough, to use it as a counter-point. One only needs to read out loud to realize how ridiculous and narrow-minded.

Barbara Demerov, which is critical of the cinema AdoroCinema, recall the three cases for this poor acceptance of change in the adaptation: the Genius of Will Smith’s Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rívia in the series, The Witcher.

“People complained about the Genius of Will Smith, and without knowing exactly what the character would be a blue for the most part of the film. Gal Gadot is a world-renowned today for being a Wonder Woman, but I also remember very well how much they complained, that his body was not the ideal one to assist you with your heroine,” she says. “And you like to forget about Henry Cavill being in the super trial, in the first image, the dissemination of The Witcher? I think he made a good account of themselves in the series, but people have been judged very early, without having to wait for the caravan.”

The same judgment has fallen on the backs of Heath Ledger, who, when chosen to be the Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight by director Christopher Nolan, it was still in the movie Brokeback Mountain (2005) fresh in the memories of fans and people who don’t support a “Wild gay”. All of you that are wondering in the Ledger and their jaws dropped with the performance, which earned him a posthumous Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting role.

Valley rescue is also the case with the Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). No body is athletic, and the abdomen is set of the Test was limited to the one in the costume and chewy, they even had movement in his neck. Not to mention that is one of the more recent work of the actor had been in the surtado Beetlejuice, The Ghosts have all the Fun (1988). The two characters are different, totally opposite. Because, at the end of the day, many of the actors move on to new challenges, and avoid repeating roles.

“I think the characterization here is a good place to start in order to have a good first impression with respect to an a-list actor or actress playing a fictitious character,” points out Demerov. “But that impression is only is when it to performance, it is also well-done and faithful to the truth. It is a complex task, which goes hand-in-hand with the visual of the expected, and to capture the exact personality of the character.”

The first images of Robert Pattinson dressed as Batman. Image: Reproduction

“The most important thing is the essence of being maintained, because the very word ‘adaptation,’ now it is clear that there may be a change,” she adds. “And let’s not forget, too, that our own mind has created some expectations with regard to the characters that we already love – and perhaps it is for this reason that people were so attached to the look perfect above all else, even before checking for the result.”

Barbara Demerov, by the way, approved of the choice of Robert Pattinson as Batman is committed to a version of “the most intimate and mysterious of Bruce Wayne”.

The identification of a fan with the character of

“The way in which we have focused on a character as an idol should be, very often, the identification of the characteristics of each and every one of us,” he explains Roseleide da Silva Santos, a psychologist at the Clinical Psychology and Live with it. “This familiarity can refer to the fantasy that it is possible to download all the things that have not been able to do in our lives to this; in other words, we realize that this figure is to be competent in addressing our needs, and, in consequence, to make us feel whole.”

For Roseleide, it is possible that the mirror is between the person and the character, please explain this obsession of seeing your work adapted faithfully. “The similarity between the two is such that it turns out to be a fusion between the character and the subject of the wonder. In this way, the characterization of a character can refer to a ‘self-reformulation’. The possibility of a change in the character, whatever they may be, can bring in a picture of instability, because it removes them out of their comfort zone,” he said.

“Move it out of the context in which it is understood in a certain way, and that brings trouble. To the extent that it happens in a turning away from that which is known to cause discomfort they’re faced with the all-new, that is to say, implies that in the face of the unknown, the unexpected,” says the psychologist. “And, in this case, create a if you have questions about how you will deal with in this scenario, which may lead to a state of uncertainty.”

The psychologist also mentions that one factor that’s always constant in the world of pop culture: the creation of expectations, usually on the high side. “It’s a reality of personal concern to each and every one waiting on their needs, wants and/or desires will be fulfilled — but they must be done individually and will not be transferred to the other. Because of this, we get frustrated,” he said. “When you are feeling frustrated, a condition that is essential to our very existence, we are approaching a typically hostile, as some people have a low tolerance for being given the chance to.”

With the frustration of not having their expectations met, also to act with hostility, and as an example of the difficulty of supporting such a situation, we can look at in a threatening manner to show any dissatisfaction, because, for many, dissent is a synonym for personal attack,” he says.

The consumer has the power to move mountains and to destroy them

The consumer has never had so much voice in pop culture. They were the ones who decided that the Robin was supposed to die, or it is not in the arc a Death in the Family (1988-1989), when DC Comics gave the option for the phone to be a milestone in the comic book.

Today, they are the same fans who complain about the visual, the Sonic, and get it redone before the release. They are the ones who create the submissions, up six from #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, and they make so much noise to the point that in the studio, re-think and give them what they want: a Justice League version of Zack Snyder. It is an admirable and, at the same time, the cause for concern. It’s a lot of power given to the community. They are able to move to the mountains and to destroy them.

In moments of anger, when a character is dear to her to receive an adjustment in the movies or on TV, it doesn’t meet your expectations, you have your opinion, that’s your right as a fan. But there is no excuse for the attack on the professionals involved, or to the group. Take advantage of their loyalty by their works, and to think about what Uncle Ben would say in this situation. Who knows, something like, “with great power on the internet, comes great responsibility learn to dialogue”.

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